Taralee Hamner

Contact: taralee.hamner@gmail.com
Education: BA (2013) Psychology, Georgia State University


Taralee is a first year doctoral student under co-mentorship of Dr. Lee and Dr. Robins. She received her BA in psychology from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduation, she worked in the Social Neuroscience lab at the Marcus Autism Center where she assisted in translational research investigating the use of portable eye-tracking technology to improve early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder in preparation for a FDA regulated clinical trial.  Additionally, she conducted developmental and neuropsychological assessments with children ranging from 16 months to 12 years of age and with adults.  Throughout her graduate career, Taralee hopes to pursue an understanding of neuropsychological functioning across developmental disorders as well as how social and communicative disruptions may manifest in early development. Outside of the lab, Taralee enjoys throwing pottery on the wheel, hiking, and practicing yoga.

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